A video circulating the internet showing what it looks like an angry elephant chasing a car full of tourists.

For a glance you would think people are looking back at the raging elephant, but if you look closely you notice the driver at the far end to the right side holding on to a steering wheel trying to maneuver the vehicle in what seems like going in reverse.

So now you realize you are looking through the camera of someone in a vehicle being driven backward in reverse away from a raging angry elephant with bunch of tourists who might be filming the last moments of their lives.

You can see clearly almost everyone in the vehicle while panicking they are still busy getting their phones and cameras out to record the elephant chasing them, while the poor driver trying so hard to keep the vehicle from tipping over on this dirt road in the middle of the jungle, driving it backward trying to run away from the raging angry elephant in the room – literally .

It is then when you realize the times we live in, we want to capture every moment, no matter the situation or if someone in trouble we just want to be able to capture that moment on camera.

What was going on in that elephant’s mind? Was he protective of his surrounding? Are humans taking it to the extreme going deep in the jungle invading the natural habitat of free animals? Did this elephant think they are coming for his Ivory tusks?

What got most people’s attention in this video is the man’s face expression which made it go viral.

Watch the video below.

Angry Elephant attacks tourists goes viral